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Custom Orders

We make all our Pergolas, Carports, Gazebos, Garden Rooms & Sheds to fit our individual Client’s needs. We do have a delivery service available – just please ask for details. Our delivery vehicle can deliver up to maximum lengths of 8m. Contact us to arrange for the delivery of your custom order.

What is Glulam?

‘Glulam’ stands for Glued Laminated Timber. Glulam is made by gluing together, under pressure and heat, laminates of timber that have been accurately planed. The resulting product is strong, stable, and corrosion proof with significant advantages over structural steel and concrete. The beams are made with wood from sustainable forests. Scandinavian forests are some of the best managed in the world, where reforestation and environmental considerations are given high priority. The trees used are usually spruce, though can sometimes be redwood or Siberian larch. Glulam is used for a range of purposes from joinery timber through to large span structural beams. Large glulam beams can often be seen in swimming pool or sports hall roofs and more recently in several large chain supermarkets. Basically wherever a steel or concrete structure is needed for a building, glulam could also be used. Good strength to weight ratio: Timber has a good strength to weight ratio in comparison with steel a
"Many thanks for putting us in touch with Michael Gretham Jackson; he did an excellent job yesterday erecting the pergola. We are very happy with the finished result." -Elaine Palmer


     We can deliver to a wide range of areas (eg - Murcia, Almeria Granada and further afield is also possible) and can legally carry up to 8m  in length with our vehicle (but up to 12m lengths are also possible) so please don’t hesitate to ask for the rates.
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